Position: Guard

Height: 5'10

School: Marquette Senior High School,  

Coach: Ben Smith

+1 (906) 869-9400‬ 


Personal Bio: My name is Kayley Elmblad. I am currently a junior at Marquette Senior High School in Marquette MI. I play varsity basketball and I also run cross country and track and play soccer. Basketball is my favorite season, I play every position, even though my main position is shooting guard. Being a 5’10” guard has many advantages. Some of my strengths in basketball include my defense, decision making, and versatility. I love playing basketball and another goal of mine is to continue playing this wonderful game at the college level.

My favorite subjects in school are math and science courses. I am in National Honor Society and HOSA (Future Health Professionals of America). My goal is to become an orthopedic surgeon or cardiologist. My non weighted and weighted GPA is a 4.0.